2.27.2012 Occupy Our Food Supply|佔領全球食物生產日


Occupy Our Food Supply is bringing together the Occupy, sustainable farming, food justice, buy local, slow food, and environmental movements for a global day of action on February 27, 2012. Inspired by the theme of CREATE/RESIST, thousands will come together to creatively confront corporate control of our food supply and take action to build healthy, accessible food systems for all.

Industrial agribusiness corporations like Cargill, Monsanto, ADM and Dupont have gained runaway control of our food systems and to take them back, we’ll need all the collective power we can manifest around the world. There are few things more personal than the food we put into our bodies every day. Let’s ensure that we can stand by the food we eat from farm to fork.

Read more: Occupy Our Food Supply | Rainforest Action Network


About 「食德好」食物回收計劃

食德好食物回收計劃是為了整全可持續發展,解決環境問題和減輕失業人士的經濟負擔而設。 回收的新鮮食物經過我們篩選及加工後,會製作成美味健康的午膳,供培訓中心的失業學員享用。部份食品會直接轉送至需要人士手上。 廚餘和品質欠佳的食物會送往農場堆肥。有機農場出產的時令作物會分銷到社區網絡,推動社區經濟。 我們務求希望可食用的新鮮食物能夠分發給需要人士,不用成為環境和社會的負擔。
本篇發表於 環保資訊|green info。將永久鏈結加入書籤。



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